Ads are created with one click from your Facebook page.

No need for complicated or expensive design tools, Solo makes the process of ad creation effortless by transforming any of your Facebook posts into the ad.

Solo targets the top sites in your country based on your business profile.

Based on your preferences and business location, Solo picks from our whitelists to suggest a selection of trusted local and national sites to advertise on.

Automated monitoring and optimisation.

Solo continuously monitors your campaign and notifies you when it has made optimisations for best performance. The dashboard displays real-time stats per site.

No price barriers, or hidden fees.

Just like on Facebook, Solo campaigns can be setup for even the smallest budgets and you can go live in minutes.

Solo is a great tool to support our geographic marketing strategies - Fast, intuitive, and measurable.
Alireza Sorodi
Smile Dentists


Which publishers do I have access to through Solo?

Solo only buys on well known quality news sites to ensure brand safety and relevance. For each country Solo has whitelists of available news publications.

How much does it cost to use Solo?

Solo is free to sign up, and you can create a campaign for any budget. We have a service fee of 10% to maintain the platform.

What ad formats do you offer?

We only create premium ad formats - either native ads or larger in-article banners which mimic the native article design.

Do you offer solo worldwide?

Currently Solo is available in the Nordics. We're working on opening up access to more countries, email us to request a your country.

What type of content is supported?

You can create a native ad from any Facebook page post. Video ads are not yet supported.

Why should I advertise with anything other than Facebook?

Organic reach for business pages is near 0% and prices to advertise with Facebook have been increasing steadily year on year. 2019 is the time to diversify.


Sona connects and amplifies your brand's social and influencer content as premium interactive ad units for media distribution.

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