Take control of your brand’s social proof

Think of you latest instagram influencer campaign, blog or product review, youtube videos, or live event tweets. CDA lets you syndicate your best branded content to mass media.

Export your content as programmatic ready, next generation ad units

Preview your content in a variety of IAB formats, include a custom header for more branding appeal, then simply export to your chosen ad server.

CDA ads demand user engagement

Clicking social posts trigger a fullscreen lightbox experience. Users can quickly consume multiple pieces of content within the ad. All the while CDA logs these engagements for brands to better understand what resonates.

Ready to scale word of mouth advertising?

CDA is flexible for a multitude of uses, from boosting influencer campaigns, extending live event sponsorships, visualising hashtag competitions, to simply extending reach of your brand's channels.

"81 percent of brand marketers are using influencer content in other channels."

Brand and Publisher customers include

CDA enables us to accelerate reach of branded content beyond social media borders and achieve very high user engagement.
Philipp Furst,
Dir. Medialog, prev.
GM Zenith Barcelona


How much does it cost?

We charge a monthly license for access to the product and a CPM when ads go live. You can lower the CPM by paying a higher monthly premium. Contact us for a quote.

Can I buy ad distribution through CDA?

Not at the moment, CDA is a creative tool to format content ready for distribution through your chosen ad server or direct publishing partners.

What are typical click rates on CDA units?

Ultimately it depends on the creative quality and the context in which they are placed but we typically see click rates between 0.25 and 2.5%

What about user engagement? Do you also measure this?

Yes! Since CDA is a hybrid ad format combining social content with banner placements, we track the engagement depth to align with influencer marketing.

Where can I see more examples of these ads?

Check out our demo page showcasing 10 ad verticals here

Does it have to be social content?

No, you can mix and match as you please, choose to only include local assets or combine with various public sources.


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